Who Is BeCultured Tempeh

BeCultured Tempeh is the only local tempeh producer in the whole of South Florida and provides non-soy, organic, unpasteurized, fresh high quality tempeh.

Born out of personal necessity due to a lack of quality soy-free tempeh available in Miami, as well as an understanding of how incredible this living food source is, Rohan has become obsessed with not only the craft of creating perfect tempeh but with providing this amazing product to South Florida and beyond.

We feel this product so represents what Miami truly is; a fermenting, flavorsome, mix of cultures growing together.


What Is Tempeh

Tempeh is a highly nutritious, cultured plant-based protein. Born in Indonesia this living protein has been providing vital sustenance throughout the world for centuries.

Made by inoculating beans with a type of mycelium (Rhizopus Oligosporus) and then control fermented under strict conditions this friendly fungus thrives and grows, feeding off the beans, breaking them down, binding them together and creating an extremely healthy, versatile, completely plant-based protein. 

Think of it as a mushroom garden in a bed of beans.


Why Eat Tempeh

 Besides being high in protein tempeh is also an incredible source of manganese, copper, fiber, phosphorusvitamin B2 and magnesium and because of the fermentation process these nutrients and protein are more digestible and therefore more available for the body. Along with these amazing health benefits tempeh is also extremely versatile and can be cooked as a snack or used as the main protein in a meal, prepared very basically or turned into a culinary work of art


Why Eat BeCultured Tempeh

BeCultured Tempeh is completely soy free, organic, whole bean tempeh, produced weekly and sold living fresh. We provide the most delicious, healthy and freshest tempeh you can find in South Florida. With four beans to choose from; Yellow Split Pea, Adzuki Bean, Black Bean and Green Lentil we know we have a flavor that you will love and become addicted too.



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