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BeCultured Tempeh

The beauty of tempeh is its versatility. It can be cooked with and treated as you would any other protein. It can be sliced, cubed and minced, it can be marinated, spiced and cooked as is, it can be grilled, fried, or baked...…the only limitation is your imagination and preference.

If cooking with oil make sure you use a quality oil with a high smoke point such as grape seed, avocado or coconut oil and if frying do so on high heat.

If following recipes designed for soy tempeh be aware that our tempeh is a completely different product. BeCultured Tempeh is full of flavor and unpasteurized and therefore does not need to be steamed before use or marinated for many hours. If adding to a dish such as a stir fry or stew, sauté until lightly brown and then add shortly before the rest of the dish is done cooking.

Because BeCultured Tempeh is a living raw product it is always recommended it be cooked to at least an internal temperature of minimum 176°F for a minimum period of 60 seconds. After handling raw tempeh wash hands, all surfaces and utensils with soap and water.